Автор: Genia Gurarie

Let Earth Be Warm to Us
(M. Scherbakov)

Without a goal, a road, through vagaries of earth
We walk, a polyglot, in rut, of middle birth
And someone calls us nut, because of a degree
And this I can agree
But manakens -- but manekens -- are only glad and free!

We menstruate in blogs -- we frog down in squat rack
And we beseach our fucks because of a train wreck
In Chatsworth, where choefer was chatting on AOL
And girl wasn't doing well
But for one hundred passengers it was all living hell...

Surrender all your rights, the court Boca Raton;
We see flourescent lights from Corvettes by the bon
Bon candy store by canister of Lublu --
Who can buy that food glue?

It's my Michelle -- I'm doing well
Thank Brian for the crew...

Sonatier, Distempered Sloganer, 2014. Theoretical Bomb
(M. Scherbakov)

Has it actually happened? Spots gave way to a purposed design;
Clueless, what it was apt on, has forfeited each trace of a line;
What was ferretting vainly blossomed stunningly within a glow
For the evening insanely it couldn't even low.

And today, it has gathered: being conformed to, and followed a path:
And the uselessness tethered and the vanity found it repast,
And it's hard to get faster at believing what happened to day
But literally yester all was leagues away.

And yet, yesterday rocky were relationships even at rest;
Capitally unlucky one was, feeling the worst and the best.
What variety of cards seemed to trump the antecedent ones
But the game fell to cowards and loss took on ponce.

The Financial sector was retreating, the treatment was deaf;
The Protection lost vector; and the code was of memory bereft
And the structure of on-view, voicing traitorship losing all fears,
From the shame and dishonor-you delved into tears!

Through the holes in the cordon, leaked away educational layer,
Through the holes in the ozone atmosphere was just oozing aglare,
Through the holes in the lawzone castigations were reaching their scope
Because nothing was awesomely kept on a rope.

Populace was savaging, cultured fare was discounted to swoon,
Noone anymore raging, about equipping ski-packs at noon.
No one raved at the sunset to a river with reed to the toy:
You couldn't weep at the M-HAT or melt at Bolshoy...

The professional's dances were bespeaking themselves not awhole;
The rhyme-mongerer's stanzas were de-rhymestering out of control;
The clarinet virtuoso without happiness blew in the tube
Because that's not what also was meant for Ice Cube!

The constructions-lace furnished were outshuddered by panel debris --
From the ferris of fortune there was nothing to look on, or pee!
And when casually it fathomed to attract a bechildrened step-in
The wheel wouldn't be liaisoned to any function;

And today, it got running, all the motionless started to revv,
Learned it all to the stunning, organized to deprave and to brave,
Stopped stagnating precisely, self-intuited the hidden force
And intuited wisely salvational course!

The cardplayer rebounded... azure skies have rekindled their face;
The faith-speaker and Christ-curse by the beach bonfire made an embrace
And the punishing organ, having guessed the approriate sign
Is responding sans auguring their knowledge turned fine...

The Guard-soldier repostured, crooked the doctor of arts, crafts and science
The earth-plower came urging and evictingly plowed the old lines;
Architector came running and went drawing the Capitol gear;
The new vector is stunning, the new goal is clear.

Newly, dances and stanzas are embellishing lushly the courts
Where the olds knowing answers irrevocably give up the hoarse
And in hairy old basements the fresh youth doesn't yell, doesn't spit
For in reading commences prefers it to sit!

Everything heard a ruble. Fell in love with just forming a row:
The Chef Pavel is brewing the dry fruit in a stagnant aglow,
And by instance, Chef Peter places margarine in semoline;
The cordons show a beater, Bolshoy -- Lohengrin.

And sugued without fainting, elocutional not resting place
Scowling, soughing and dainting he, who brought our new freedom disgrace
Realizes there's no one to be disputing over a debt
But it's not for him over to be arguing over that yet!

He is slashing with anger; is assuring his honor's at stake,
And the debts he does hanker to offer to God knows whom at wake,
With a deed, if not parcel, to pay men by the squat's second set --
So you go to that car, soul step in and pay-sweat.

The carsaunas, wayfarer, by the way are kept clean -- custom geared:
There you do have to pay her for the drinks and the service not feared.
There massaging you keptly, a young beauty will show you the welt,
And the credit card wetly will sink down her belt.

Maybe, steambaths will tell you to redubitate the old aplomb:
You were fleeing your failure but success is around the next bomb
And it's easy to jetzt get, even if Moscow's map is a maze;
Bridge's name is Kuznetsky and then it's crossways!

My congrats -- it has happened, revocated, and hence to the close
Unexhibiting latern, I'm informing the ladies and those --
Let them use the old hiccup to pass down to the end of purlieus:
Laying flowers by your knee-cap, imbibing the smoke-hose, endearing the heels.

Joe Cotten of the Other Movie; Knows Relief
(Mihail Scherbakov)

Amenably prodigious; and rotten to the core embracing lighter chairs
I judge myself fortuitously last night uncovetously
A school boy newly disciplined, into an Asian mouth big-orbitting
I claim investments, returns doe-eyed coarsely exhorbitting...

How pawned I Hart Crane avidly, let nowly the appraiser you mislead,
My musically Harlem brings a disco Gaynor to the teeth...
The airodrome La Guardia untabulates the tracklines fine and beat
Uncaravagio to San Francisco
Four hours under sheaths.

There's no use to pay secondhands -- electric innocuities and vibes
Insouciantly scarletted the unserenest shoreline,
Obeyed to wholly integers, displaying the habitual assets
And the acuteness of aim to save honor made hardly frets

Thought seriously, escapage across the hundredscore and twenty states
(Among which New York Brooklynage is only chocolate bite and sleep)
Is unfiscal amenity of reading ads on trains and curing zits
But 5 minutes ago it listlessly unrated, just jeepers creep!

The distance came azurious, Azerbajdzhanian almost in reserve,
Not copiously Moldavian and nothing with Armenia...
I see the rails Magestrial, like Bach's surrogate hand, and Hitchcock's perve,
But really it's Ed Koch's unmoral restrail behind rats' nerve,

And though the rivers rescue me, Rasputinly, like hero crucified
And white its unique color, but I crave to phantasize the end
Of his horrendous influence that starts from the New Balance nine and a half wide
Amorphous from the martsipans and Belgian netto sold bellishments...

The Ocean Drive cocktailery, like cutlery sold earlier in the age,
Sent apes to my ordinary, and dominant ambitions...
And I no longer trolley sphere -- exhibiting the hemi, in college,
I perstigate myself with measured hems and cull equipage;

Electrical embarrassment exists for nothing straight-postured and free --
And victims of philosophy'll be some one other, than the Mate!
The airodrome La Guardia untabulates the tracklines souciantly
Bihemispherical to San Francisco

And clerically chemical -- don't call it alchemy, that wants to be
Procrusteanly mescluned.

Dry Vodka, Drunk by Galich
(Mihail Scherbakov)

Whazup, trunk of a cord of a stomach?
On a airy Jeep hump in Potomac
I discovered a dithering hammock
And converted it into a cob
Whose web spun into leathering gump bits...
Let there just be a flourish of trumpets
And it's time to prefer drugs to dumb pits,
To exclusion, of cherries, to snub!

And so many of us in the pit of
Foundation, where derelict Bitov
Reinacted professorship... "quit off"
And serene and desist and vulgar,
Be obliged to recede to a suitor,
What alternative vulgar and cuter,
Her, ev'n though she's a daily commuter
From suburbia to Trafalgar!

Where I got is marasmus forgotten...
Senile drivel of years unbegotten
Where a dog smacks of a Baden-Baden
Residence of old Nietzsche in Prague
And I, higher than Moon in a standing
(For which plentiful is understanding)
Am ferociously seiving and banding
(Threat from prose, in a poetry, vague)!

Latent menial work in a order
By patrol, that can't stand its own border
But, when seeing a dog, calls a porter
And forewiens the philosopher Haund...
Intravenous across the garmoshka,
I ain't crossing my hands -- ne "nemnozhko"...
But for me, each physician's Porsche
(And besides, from each Stallion a mound)!

Coincidentally sans incident,
Even dentally, without a predent
Aiming forwardly, scheduling three-days
In advance, to vacate us of sprite...
Bending laple and stroking coefficient
I occur to myself quite proficient
But not nearly as tsar and efficient
As old Galich who went and got bite!

Ajai, California Finally Anal, No Thanks to Lena (Menial Labor?)
(M. Scherbakov)

Truly an instructor trainal, can't refrain net-gossamer weaving for the fut-
Ure, in a gay A-shirt, geisha following precisely from the concert to cashpeau
Rendezvous you can't refute
At the Red Square at 1 hour,
Whitsun weddings, Whitsun weddings, 5 min to prepare.

Au pair?

Enter poorly by ex-thrasher ridig Bridgit the epistolary Europe at all sides,
Rebentrop's on South Beach
In Miami, where it's dentured densely on the armyleader
And Adriana post-mortem
Any longer who's the lifter
On Fairmount

Pepper Pike now -- how I got there by Fellini, I cannot tergiversate
Too much stardust in hell, and Greenlandia mine
Keeps on lying to the tableau's
In the plane's tempestuous cabin,
Where Drakhixa has established
Her innocuous positions
And lies low

Are you slow?

Per Enflo, at the house dixiland is luridly sagating unto early close up shop
And the fear of laminating in lieu putting up succinctly, indivvying roots or closures, all the use
Technological advantages simply to help refuse
And an only Cindarella showing up to call you fella
And to lave you in Hecuba, and in Hollywood think Cuba
Cuba Gooding or's it maybe Forrest Whit-

aker, aker God's and Land's end later
On the other side of greater
I-5 road, than 415 there, as the Country of Cretinia
Breaks your bank


From here to kennel,
Men all?

Empty Scull From Abroad Languid Tone, Threatening The Knowledge Of English (One answer -- Lutein)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Grease helps establish a baroque como esta and why a rogue
And always answer is serene -- you're a professor spleen...
I knew its levity by heart and in depravity could start
To desolate precise day, two with how do you do,
To threaten by a birch's bark for how she goes to churches dark
And there besmirches living tongue into fair roach's lung!
One needs ten steps and forty moons to coalesce and play a loon
But to play mobster in disguise one needs net cluster... lies:
Falsetto's false, the heel is crooked; the thirty-two teeth look like hooved --
Teamsterial tutorial makes me say "sorry all"...
Like Gorbachev-Bichevskaya, by goblet each, Granevskaya
Forswearing twine from gamadril, that lived in Israel!
Someone in terror to die young, when he's played freely Jean Poplan
And frequented by Jesuit who has been told not yet
Can well expect accusation for being John Jameson by the shin
And yet Jim Bean by starry calf, indeed clever by half
But once not twice -- you can't be sued twice having lived (in your pursuit)
With too much clay, and too much calk... to earn my lay, I stalk;
Remains to hang, and to subdue ambition play without ado
And to berate and to espouse: how do you rate my nous?

First Intellectual Treatment of Lime Disease Forgoing Ziggy Stardust
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Left meaning to the East in an intense show coach,
by sinking-in incense and penitentiary stogies
no matter what locale bestows -- for best approach
not hammering on moments, either firy, hot or gorgeous!

Calmari from Ukraine bespeak Satyrikon,
no questions of Yukon and lackadaisically few of
the classic musical called Can't go? I'll go on
with violins upfront and clarinets playing only Fugue!

Malaka, Oberlin, Falaka, Erenburg,
Tanaka, Uppercut, gondola, hole, hypotenuse...
obscond and intricate mint integer and erg
as we all have agreed at the return of Wiederreise!

The Hamburgian account is definitely left
accusative of beige, imported and unrectangular,
arrived at Armory and Aymerie hogcleft
all Heine and excuse to be so abberantly peddler!

Longevity Cape Cod beleaguers us and calls,
belabors to arrange, unBeatrice us, and challenge
(I almost said of "nas") -- how are you gonna pass?
However oft deranged in countenance, syringe is midrange...

Immediate bypass, enameled Oggi read
incognito in droves and insagatious in kintrees
like kitten crossed the road and leotard took green
and unitard took heart I'm not a retard in your mantri...

Here tigers have a name -- here's Caliostro, Pride,
Laticia and Commercewolf, obloquely and pedantly
and even catch some birds: Annetta, Springfield, Clyde
Connecticut, Bernstein, not gallantly, but delegantly...

Or chary a museum, where several Van Gogh
Messina and Scorsese autoportraits hang in clearings...
A lawsuit hanging posed -- "domino POV"
and always apropos, but why be asking about these things?

And soon it's by our side, the solid sought-for shore --
tempestuously girding and engurgling promontory
will hint and squint and flint, that our race's nevermore
that over is the run replete with goal but meaning? Sorry!

When one dyslexic cop by name of Beowulf
corrects us on geometry and blind is to inducements
we need Herostratus upon the stage to goof
and wait for the Amtrak but that's off track and we are bull ride...

May rusty as King Lear upon the photo scowled
a tide will lay and rush, procliving knee and stroking ankle
celestial obtuse and dainty lift afowled
by casual jurie may lay in sconce and save our ventricle...

A bow Fontanka calls, bethighs and prophesies
beswans the intrepid and hinting to him, he's not stupid
sends caverns up his lungs, who torrided our tries
to go at it alone and at the closeline meat the Cupid.

The stagecoach will calmarse, helarse, and sosegarse...
and clemency refrain, collapse in olygarch and vanish
and we are drinking rum, and we are speaking arse!
and we are planning mountaintrips and now we're speaking Spanish...

Analysis of Boston Stomachs (Girls')
(M. Scherbakov)

At first, I lived subliminally without a manifestation,
Crossed Sister Carrie with Bostonites -- excuse me, Bostonians
But after, after trepangs have won, I entered each deli ration
In Chinatown, and I read reviews of dishes by Tony's fans!

The dishes were curfew of a rock -- the rock cafe for the masses,
Devoid of franchise and underground, as Alice at M.I.T.
To whom giving guesting nude massage embarrassed but never asses --
She never turned around and displayed the usher part of the tee....

Embarrassingly, all the times have passed in Hollywood by Florida --
So Russians pronounce the trashy words denotating the vulkans...
Escuse me for inappropriate disservice to hotter-bigger...
I still don't have place to stay at, and pan cooks cakes in at Lowell, Mass.

How was the party, I predicted by lividly demagoguing
The Gog and Magog with the Gogol-mogul was mixed up as a mogul
But the main frustration was offices of such careering groggy
As in John Babbitt's novel Main Street and that is across the schull...

The rest is told by Tigress in pegnoir and Fast Times at Ridgemont...
Enrichment of the uranium took Genia out of NJ!
Enticement of debt-encompassment decompassed the camp abridgement
And compost became the main student diet displayed on their stomachs -- gray!

Dreading Evgeny Rein Cry for Suicide did you Notice? (OKUDZHAVA KILLED ME BY OFTEN SHOWING UP) (V. Vysotsky)

To be a driving horse -- I could've deadened;
To celebrate the jubilee -- and out
But I observed that 10 years is no legacy of Land's end,
There's beer across the street to be without!

And still -- leak in a little borzhom gas
For the ten years -- such dates are rarifying!
Okay -- a jubilee can embarrass
By junipers -- but I am that defying...

So what have we approached with anniversary?
Ox the intention -- fundamentals' deaf,
"The horse", Akshat's new lover Pelagea and the yessir
Are answers to the story in "Alive."

No peak, no Zenith, not an Apogee,
No Zeynep waiting in cinotheater,
In Cino there is one -- but she is gay?
I doubt that let us be us the creator!

The decreation or the deconstruction
Philosophy in journals overseas
Delapidates the horniest betrayers of the Russian
Mercy forgivers and MIT fleas!

A scumbag wrote the horses for the few --
But a good man "In Leningrad" for many
And I love money, but I look askew
At "I don't love" or like or getting any!

Pearlbarley boiled, and I'm not getting snarly...
Sings Bogushevskaya "vot ehto da"!
I'd graduate from Harvard school phenomenally
But pheromonal difference goes far!

A gopher broque perstincts the Bellevue,
The avenue is standing in full flavor;
Are hanging two noosehangers for the few!
For many plane hungars, many a favor!

Not Paris and not kidneys for the callow
And loving kiddies as nobody loves...
But our philosopher at the premier boycotting fellow
Discriminates against the bones and coves:

Back goes the war and we live in the trenches,
We understand the churches and the rows
And even our De niro knows more menches
Then their hyeroglyphs and Kurnikovs...

We're all born ugly and we come out stupid
But that Wertmuller Lena director
Amazes me by lies, as does Filatov sometimes dupe'd
By our performances... he is a whore...

(Dudnikova needed) Delapidated maculas

So very off to living Scherbakov:
You live but I am heading to Versacchi;
Van', come with me, Demidova, fuck off!
To Domodedova and further dachi...

Bad Moldavian Betraying a Senator (Reference Nord Ost) Stop this Insanity
(M. Scherbakov)

The half-day, the rail-station, the bureau -- all appropriate was there save two of us --
The queue, the curlicue, the rain, and the... straight line to Oredezh and Pavlovsk;
All passengers, without exception, knew their roles and arias in place, excluding us
As if a rare inventor mixed in us into an alien music coldless...

Sowed to the word, glued into set -- to the buffet embellishments and modern radio-plethora of middle waves;
The rain drooped-eared, the day was debt
And yet no day meant more or was annointed to us more in collages and craves!

As if no body fallowed in our way, we were studying and disentangling
The tingling dissertation of desserts and horsedevoirs in that sequention;
We lied interrogatingly about who we were telling the biography
Of, in an intensive prerogative bestowed on us by doctors waiting!

Someone's display, ardor and greed
Was evidently seizing us by the awareness, that it can do in any flash! (We loved the Johnny Cash, kill a model)
Shyness will fade. Pride will recede
But epithets have not dispersed, we did not vanish, we narrated our own trash...

The meteorite never fell on us, and never tumbled down the short intrigue,
The turtle-thoughted intertheories did not us integerly conquer!
The progress-incentived dispatcher didn't strike with verisimilitude of his critique
And languid unusurping vagary still seizes us, alone and tardive.

Verily now clinging to old, we favor and anticipate, ferver confirming and infinitesimal truth,
Reference tact, legalness, cold
And in the end, we ferry that the leper will give up his way of youth...

Natasha Surpassed Expectation, Showing a Leg, Finding a Suit, Breaking Nose
(M. Scherbakov)

Indigene, native bastard, you can't live as a man
Using progeny the word, smelling canny --
Unhabitually something is athwart, as it can
Tomorrow maneken and out of tan!

Let's say last morning

Both familial you bronze adhered to wrists with the snap,
And for entrance stashed a hundred (in rubles)
But in a trolleybus trammed and swung through stop with a nap
And Tred'yakubskaya obsconded trap!

It's not you, last night, up worthy two-half steps -- that is here
From profundities where wardrobe serves eat
Married easel afficionado Natali propped,
Excursioner, a prof esthete.

Just note the spelling, stupid.

Thank the golly egad Mormon, it's no Morton you rapped,
Unchiefdeputied and thence unKarasined;
Bloked fruit fellows, blogged the cosinus and nose broke entrapped,
Saw Katja Kassin and forgot you're taped.

Horrendous Fellow!

Toes on Lazarus prep concert indivvying Pepboy,
A detective has to be by Vysotsky
But as far as indignations, jealousies, Chips Ahoy,
You're merely nascent, heading for Bolshoy.

Atrophy is more by brains than muscular -- give and go --
Ain't forgiving it upon the last concert:
Did some Stairclimber, forgot Charlize Theron, showed a toe,
Set up the victuals, and bestowed lotto!

Yes you did, Master!

Well, Natasha didn't keep the old diurnal in Prague,
Studied Latin in the Greek of Hungary
And as far as the Vysotsky of the seventy-five,
There's Glengary Glenn Ross and that is prive-

at, as Woodman Pierre is private -- but forgetting the socks
For James Bond is an insane requisition,
There is Henry James correcting, William Butler... Reikstags
And Tiger Woods, that's merely guten tag!

Without turnstyles and the vodka, without virgins and rock,
Without using such a word as Dupree
You'll return from California a stolid prom sock,
But you say firm, when simply up for stalk...

Steaks that Natali is eating send Aurora to hill,
Ashley Blue wants Scherbakov on a table
And as far as Karen Lancombe, she is dead if you will
That makes you evil on my concert bill

Consider prizes

But when you are on a transport, don't knock windows straight in --
Bend it sideways and a little but thigh-ward
Otherwise my Natali, like a bird, will begin
The Beguine sizing and master routine --

Egomaniacs are drizzling, make a scene, show a toe
But a trainer only teaches Aikido
Otherwise, there will be too much envy in sportlotto,
Hammer and anvil will die long ago!

The Shadow
(M. Scherbakov)

I've gotten used to a celibate shadow, observing no farther than a s-
Tep; the book is only a paper; a looking glass's but a glass.
In it a razing twin and submissive listener, full of pennance,
Fades, wouldn't be even blinking let alone drooling -- it was well as!

Yesterday, he did get tedious and attempted to please his appetite;
Didn't indulge or wasn't enticed by my elocutive tune --
Whereupon he shot out of the house to weigh, and compare, and happen,
All along with some new tunes what are they doing -- once in a moon!

Well it is not some show wagon for the new age, it's not always funny;
The hearing's waiting for a grandiloquent essence, a relic, tone --
You enjoy your rife walk, my sagacious echo, obsconding money,
Conquer the noise without laugh, if you don't find music -- just move along...

(That girl is annoying) Moribund Gladden Maria (in tune)

The brigant crowd has been dictating to ancient choirs some amiss-notes;
But the moment that something's athwart, speedy gracious, away and down,
With the choir, it's unbearable, while at the bottom, okay in distance --
Whether it's that or this way, akin and identically not fun.

I am dazzled and fading; my debut is lost and the benefit's needless,
Necessary now away from the stagings, to the dark silent prayer;
This way, that a way, broke some rules, barefoot bent some needles --
Time away from the searing acutest to dulling one, when it's bare...

With that abated ache, the care's art, but the maximum's two tablets --
Secong, and all the insane pain, and residual head-piece have flown away;
Hey you twin, when you do return from your intricate walking habits
Reinvent lackadaisically, how to thence occupy your day...

The Force Of Rum... How Much Lying About Me
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

No need after the Buhars to undress and stand in a swim-suit arrogant
To guess the taste of negligence and vile, to wrathful bawl and bail --
Essentially, a pall bearer be to bare, there present, asking where a gent
And why such estrogen and whom to blame for calling her a quail?

Obama pre-elected to this hip and Aqualung self-publish'ed,
And listening to Van Morrison, "Astral Weeks" is Burmese-like exploit;
And thereafter sojourn in Panalapan: "when you there see a Russian, shoot!"
Support and bolster suffering from self-cocogitation void...

Political conjuncture (New York Times)... "How he is conjugating verbs...
How he observed, excitedly, the Moon and ferrets the essence,
And then he names, absconcing the disease, instead of saying anywhere
"He can be taught and treated and forgiven again" just tell him whence...

The Requiem a simple liturgy or Christian unraveling
Of who the killer is and what he did and how long he will dwell?
Mihailo Lomonosov didn't tell, nor Mendeleev in the AM
Unclosed the sleuthes' privilege to gain some knowledge from this well...

Raise the Flag,
Kill the Shlack,
Hate mshlyak (that girl is unique)...

No -- "sick must be the sicker, and accused of savoring reality,
And praising and exemplaring good work, as well as causing it
And fealty must be demanded of him, in lieu of popularity,
And sleuthes must be hired to watch him walk and Luvr him into ..."

It's mammaries deciding every step of suicidal prodigy
And also probability, and if she's looking like Alsou
The bell towers in Kaliningrad and Leningrad will hire DJ
And then it's every single carnival Police's invited to

For the Morning Routine -- the suicidal song by the buffet's first favorite...

By the Train
(M. Scherbakov)

I couldn't take off on wings, into the night, a rail;
On time isn't happening, the sleep might well prevail
But with day's blaze in coup -- wayfarer eats some food
And says he knows the scoop: in hell he can burn good,
Inferno taste as soul -- and touched by flames but whole.

Bandana gives him ruds -- in wins he sees no fits:
Some HQ base deprived him of some benefits...
And he is heading there, from the Point M to N;
In debt is every square and they'll be punished then!
He waves the fists at night. He can't be helped, not quite...

He knows, he's right, and dub -- in hell he's well appraised
That to sow ashe and blood he wasn't prod by the base;
That to badge up the trap and boot up an old toe
He is from birth made hap. It don't take an auto...
Wayfarer drinks, I'm near -- I'm stranded with bad fare.

The night fades out with nought, as ashe and blood is shed --
I feel I've tied the knot but can't contain my sted:
I wasn't born for prods, I haven't earned my burn
But fare is all I've got -- wrong ticket not returned
And right one not procured: I'm late and I can cure!

On Biceps and Longevity, We Split (Forbes College) Bad Push Ups? (One promise kept?)
(M. Scherbakov)

Help-less was the process of wars and boxes on the ears:
Whereas you dress an orthodox, he is not always there,
No how from the birth to the ending, will he say, of comperes --
That foe is a man to all men and not a brother faire!

Inkjet -- see him using the printer, purchased by his sis --
Aztecs' anti-sexual bring-door to the tech-profess
Diabole call him bravely and tacid, for he got some good eds --
A wolf, he is tightly professing huguenottal press!

Abs are incremental his passion... Peredelkino
Sabraly is his consumation on the broken nose...
And if driving is his occupance... with the fuel or no,
Endless he is seeking commupance at U.C. or close...

Trunkly of an elephant sitting in the buduar
Drunkly she is sowing or knitting vocabulary --
Tasty it pertains to be "Britting" in USSR
"Hasty, are we wedding or shitting, Madame Bovary"?

Objet of papaya and Hyatts... veritable speak...
Of the lepered Hiltons and Bayards ushering some slack --
Inject a brave lord on the bunny side of his left-most cheek,
And yet if no money no honey, he pronounces back...

"Beat-you" for the housing and whore-lord ended in fracas...
Three two, diacletian warlord starringly pronounced;
Some shelfs goes then homeward, not angel, but neither a jackass...
But wolf is each tongue of the regiment, not a man nuanced!

Nose is unschemato cadavered by a flying corpse;
Moses? ultimatum a coward, utterly ignored!
Psyche ward as an end to millenium barely incepted? Worse?
Thigh-ward, our togetherness venom, "Diehard" room and board!



Fourth? (Separated by Peapod)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Reseda Avenue in San Fernando
Pornographismo Valley on a war
Gives out awards to high-five brothers dull now --
We need KFed out of that Kinko ward:

In Magadan is better diagnoses
Of noses, trumpets, toes and asses too
Especially when you have poor prognosis,
Clever by half and how-do-you-do...

McKinley left with Zhana Aguzarova,
Jean D'Ark ain't needed -- darkie bring it on
Onto the ferry going to the Zaro
Bread on Penn Station -- it is Brigham Young,

Worcoholism! Gusar has died on wording:
There are some gays not everything is maize.
Kevorkian already is covorting
On Sylvester Stallone's gaze!

Is Pocahontas with Christobel Hunta?
Is tundra crying, is taiga motive,
How's Teagan Presley on Iosif doing --
Like Ashley Blue or better with throat strep?

Now the whole band will sem-intrep the column --
Can please the throng, but you can't please the song!
The Microsoft is wording out the problem,
Kevorkian right, Teresa wrong...

Sounds Whose? That Lay, Whose Fault? (Faulkner's? Two Separate Answers) Apartment Issue (Purely Visual, Thriller)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

No forcements became needed for the rooftops,
The whip isn't whistling with Aqualung --
Rock album from terrace. The powers don't need your moribund stupors,
And gestures resolve in a signature one
Although, in reality, it too is done

For. Liberated you are, and not dangerous parolee,
Early death isn't threatening, intermission
Qualifies useful to someone fashionable,
Voracious, but not impassionable
And if you just wink, you'll know Larisa Gershon.

Megan Fox provocates impassuity,
Private we are no longer, wherever we want!
Time and space is confused to each other Pogutin-like
Singing the Okudzhava... As if it is cunt;
Throw the map over border, pronounce Yves Montan-d.

Master Grisha resounds on one toe inconspicuously,
Novella Matveeva flex Sonic Youth!
You meet a ts chinese, blonde (great vacuity)...
You hand her two dollars and quarter, she enters you;
You leave unbegotten and think you've compute...

Computer that's bought you strains neck to vacuity,
Song written three weeks earlier mellows the way...
Triggering memories of Timur and ego komanda --
What are you gonna say about the Fish called Wanda?
Give away your systemic whore. Timur Shaov, hey!

Maniac Prayers (Dilletante)
(M. Scherbakov)

Except there may be a cup extra
From Richard Gere, the damning pester
Of an old girlfriend in reester?

You can't reenter the old waters,
You have to banter what is Godard's
Investment in the "srednij vozrast".

Incest! Two roads, tobacco grinding --
A dandy making the obsconding
Steppaths on Path train to the one ding!

He knew, that in the night obliquely
I'll be extracted like a meakly
Aggrieved fly, consoling weakly!

Thought I that hearts aren't had by oldsters
Severe and lying, with upholsters
But what are lobsters, if there're floorstars?

They're busy, as they catch the splinters
With falling under in the hinders;
They'll burn and blow away the cinders!

Of this I, percolating snidely,
Thought and preponderated widely
But what occurred was far beside me.

The old instructed me, be wary;
We see that you can't other marry
Or wise be, when you're looking scary!

Bat-mitzvahed, if you're feeling Yankee
Your stunts and antics, hanky-panky
Will rib with till, commanding lanky...

And if old said to get a tenure,
Forget the Soviet, change the venue
Never do such a thing again, you!

Tomorrow, carry elocution
Of feisty job to a fruition,
Melodious, you'll be on a mission...

We'll give you place, as you can bear it,
You'll make it look insane and married
Or Captain Cooke will have you buried.

While at all's whole in it, and wholesome
The service must be like a person
Observing it, that's not coercing.

But if the service doesn't watch it
It must be wretched and not turgid...
There'll be another one emergent.

Riki Tiki Tavi; That woman has to die
(M. Scherbakov)

Cognac dreary, cunard lips... Rudyard intentions,
Birth of Tragedy, his birth -- someone else's birth;
Practicing upon a horn Horvati dictation...
Lacerating farther way to have further berth.

There's no cheese, upon this earth, whose name is Havarti:
"Collar"... culinary art lavishly applied.
Muscles, all abdominal, sacristy the party
And the main propinquity is, that I have lied.

All the salt, that's overseas leaking to the ocean,
Quietly and pettily mars the September;
Women think I'm atavist in compiled emotion
To comply without being left without valor bare...

Salomee in Sodom yard beckons me with prairie
Like the muscular and slow tapestry racoon.
Agony from Georgian: Dzhugashvili, Beria
Amulates me to withstand foxtrot and mambo.

Linden lime and phoney fake will pre-doom for breakage...
Oil painting and aquarelle paint it all oblong (foundation of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
And the ardentest and strange of who's causing wreckage
Will be decentest and spew from the riches strong.

A Zimbabwe eagle flies thus upon a Zebra...
Low-ball sales are tyrany and all profit thence.
Blood drives turning down the strange, the star Alpha Librae...
Barenboim and leaving psyche, what a girl commence.

Why Water? "All blasted, All wasted" (Naked to the Waist) Except for a Mine-Shooter
(M. Scherbakov)

Cats are serene at night and the stipend's falling,
Cars are between the sheets and I lose control,
Lavary thrives on destitute, but I'm bawling
From the departure of him who knew to dole...

Voyage-forevisioned I banks of ancient Nilus,
Mercury was enthralling both banks or shores;
Much was harranging, washing the floors and while as
I stood and watched, the scaffolds were shaking pores...

Someone quiessent hoary was boarding bootleg
Interrogating vagary up-tempo!
Complexly he was thwarting the hairy Ludwig
Whereas sagacious Mozart sang Limpopo...

A crystal house madam with the chrysantemum
Stood by the wayside and inflagrated rock;
Others beleaguered were, but she earned my friendship
For percolating wisely "all run amok!"

DD combine machine there betook its virtue,
Stagnant forwater cringed and squeezed out a sock
And when theater of the darkside brought barter
The Misha Barton residue seized Montauk!

(A woman called a maniac) The song continues

Ignorant, unsuspecting and antianxious
Barbiturate rejector and fragrant mind
Noticed all the tempestuous pregnant edges
Of the proceedings, but what is there behind?

Sadfully, rhodent locusts compared me facely
To the revolving message of what is real!
Who did more there and who waited the reester
Daniel Dafoe asked which for Webster keel!

Who will be swimming in precedented not to
Florida waters, dropped on a sinking boat
Took twenty years thereafter and molto tattoo
And traversied awareness of who that brought.

Cohabitation racially made matter
And unsuspecting I, having missed Fargo,
Was suicidal thoughtfully and embattered,
Songs of the South would much have retained me -- lo!

Dogs rescued maimed embellishments of the other,
Carnal and horny, vociferated, he
Fidgetted and Italian digids drowsily
Tailgated the insanity to the free


You Can Afford Me
(V. Vysotsky)

Abominably, fell in dark
The portraits and docteurs...
My sweat was pouring from me, mark --
As from the home stove's pores!

Voyeur to sick agility,
I went for the up-close
Range -- but in embicility
The doc took it, deranged!

The grill went into the X-Ray
And the blood started gushing
As in hotel the only day
For but a homeless Russian!

A nark, anciliary sweet
Reminded I was deaf
To any illnesses, and beat
When only dad-bereft:

You eat, you hanker with your coms,
Your share it with the rest...
And suddenly a yell, he's con,
A knife onto his crest...

Need not be nervous, my paisan --
My phys proclaimed achieving...
Almost all people all around
Are sick, and are forgiving.

Around my neck, a neck of ice --
It's my age tears me down...
I grin with reddened mouth... precise
As on the stage, a clown...

A necklace of horrificals
Espouses to call spouse,
And maniacally three-two-one
I cry unto the louse!

I could... in time for a baseball...
Bebloody the whole Harlem
Too bad, that some Sardanapal
Spread sheet below my problem!

The cancer's mine. The canker's yours...
Step off from watching feet
Agrarian to the butt-worse,
With bloodiness replete.

Israel deigns, the States avenge,
Deranged avenge you all!
Acquitted only are the strange
And that in rigmarole:

With gas, I'm healthy in me, and
Your crafty unsuturings...
Slick artificial blood with band-
Aid ready for futurings?????

It's time for surgery -- that blood
My cavern didn't cling;
The anesthesia will abduct
But will not mutiny!

Cut without having said a thing
Luxurious or rife,
Or prime in the vicinity
Of as if doing time!

I lay at bend of existance,
Not to say being in English --
And not a movement Resistance
Will save me from the bing trash!

The heroes... leave a suture sown,
Across a brow -- crook-bent...
As if I'm wearing Princeton gown
And having a boyfriend:

"You can't lay down", I'm friends with docs
And crazy with my wife...
I can sit still, I can eat cocks
But I can hate this life!

For me to dress with compliments
Primordial patients quota
A cub, to join Bowery poetry club?..
Get off me, unerota!

Vysotsky's here... the brains mean cunt?
Just think of Genesis...
First human being had some talant,
The second... dulce bliss!

The whole humanity from God
Is ripped with flakes, with pains --
With beach photography by rod
Precision-laced with gains...

The whole humanity is sick,
Is ill and suicidal --
Why be persnickety and lick
Word choice, call amoral?

200 years -- the same old bloke...
Insane Napoleon --
Bespoke-instills la vida loce,
The tokens underground...

All streets Chavez already seized
With expedition deadly
And loves its hoary-bory deeds...
"The history of medley"...

Remember Wolf? Shit in my Mouth, not My Pants
(M. Scherbakov)

Where are you now, the pedestrian barefish?
Barrels are void, tiderush is fair...
Fishtide geseungt it is oafish or lavish
You're in a den or in a lair.

As for me, having geared fair licences in aggression
I drag an empty driftnet up to the sultry shore.
However mine -- none's -- shore won't divvy away from me on,
So I can not pretend that I've much store!

Daintily countried-in, rooted, entrenched and resistant,
Local potato salt reached me by knees.
I know the local speech so indepth, in an instant
No aborigine will tell would you please!

But by the Mech embraced or bearskin, or deerskin deftly,
Sunny drifts duty shifts by, I go up to the board
Of insagacious ads or ludicrous dollyorders --
Can there be anything where I'm abhorred?

Electorate, fish's no longer in mention:
Wherever yes, there is no truce!
Anew now in my box, there's tomorrow's dictation
Not to oppress, but to produce...

Give him a hairy dose somnolences without treason;
Unmadagascar corner, furniture for the cane:
Let him impress himself as feeling here without reason
Is he a guest, can he remain?

Daily, nocturnally, gavel with sentence...
Sheets are amusing, cold is control.
Rustle inveigles me down nobody's commencements --
Local the salt, local console!

Never've I droned myself as either a guest or nephew --
All merely simply favors and curtinaceous gifts!
The News forget to change, but nails rattle in Nepenthe!
Local assortment by the gavel's thrift...

Winter in Govoruhin's House, Who Blue Houdini?
(Mihail Scherbakov)

As in the timid old, and free mountain municipality
Borrowed on money of city prozaced
You undeclamorously forget how many latches stalk you yet
From the bear visit late to that squat rack.

Who'll fix my nose?

Getting evicted you are not, bandit or Verdict movie hot
Shot or a simply beauty pot, cutie --
What are you doing with your time, except Kevorkianing rhyme?
TV is playing, it's not prime dutifully...

Who forgave all?

Cellphones are scarying all the folk from Maurice Baring old baroque
Pushkin translation of a fog VV!
It's actually a suing time for the pursuing in his prime
Bringham Young grad ensuing crime -- vitaminly...

How do you do it?

Now the old heeler crossed the hatch in frog position of a latch;
Now he no longer understands scaffold...
Rhymes like the same l'amour toujours bring an old woman to the cure
Band, but not actually dour Beowulf!

Why hit my face now?..

You Brought Me Use and now Burn My Reputation Tautou in Yotkrante not in Ukraine Who Whom In Jail?
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Not only my bum-reputationally slanted and guaranteed
Colloquial discriminality and incestuous pedigree
I once understood, and now geseungt hol the summery -- Vietnam pied,
Remember he is from Klajpeda and member they call his Dee-

Sponsorial Gubernatorial Presidual, unbedroomed
To-mushroomed and sub-narcotical, affected by street gun-fire --
Who else needed from my government subdistrictal Cat and Broom
But Stick reminisces stone and the lake next town full of professor...

The rummage sales indictorial, as in Montana's dark eastern coast
Where only whites send epistolar disgusting accented prides
To friends back in Lithuania (forget the old trip -- got lost)
And only whales with the wenches bespeak avengance without disgust...

Cyclopal manifestality infests not the moon's surface
And woman forgets what frontside of you she saw and once hugged-embraced...
You're standing unsuicidal to her, remembering the orgast
In you, but she is morality stand-brewing in your "old" face

And later that night, all derelectly, remember to try her ass,
You jerk in the clothes in porn-cafe but you know she prefers a pawn...
Her office is by Whole Foods' Market, unIzauraing her throne
But she castigates the quality of Kun-Dun, bastinado face!

To save your passions by clitor, you ride the bus, try to join a gym
But she is to you saddistically! indeclining on point of Lott's
Remembers you of Jerusalem that's related to Japan's Grierm!
"Monteci and Capuletti and nothing else can enjoy it hot"!

Vezuvius that's remaining to see is a recipe for future
That edge-of-Australianing abnegates its own reliquy...
Street hockey, that gives in to ice (and the fire too) version, Juicy Couture
Enfavors to Et tu, Brutus and adumbrates to the world made free

But cowardice does play hockey, and golly anything moved since seven
Zero due to conjuncturism in the fat form of aspiranture
The only exit from hence is to choose a President getting even
With every ferocious, daily and insignificant aventure!

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